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Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds (Executive Director)

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- Develop and oversee implementation, including operating plan and budget, of overall sales strategy for office.

- Create an annual written business plan for the region, to include activities and sales outreach designed to attain the sales targets established by the National office.

Sales and Bond Cultivation
- Oversee and participate in solicitations for reinvestments and new purchases and maintain relationships with significant customers and institutions.

- Act as the prime conduit for high-end individual, institutional and corporate sales.

- Manage bond financing program locally (i.e., with customers, not banks).

Lay Leadership Development
- Identify new prospective members of the Advisory Council.

- Consistently train, stewarding and recruit current and new members of the Advisory Council.

Communications and Community Awareness
- Serve as an enthusiastic and well-informed spokesperson for Israel Bonds.

- Ensure and enhance community awareness of Israel Bonds through conferences, membership in action groups and participation in local organizations.

Event Planning
- Supervise the planning and implementation of events and special projects including solicitation and identification of local honorees.

- Promote regional and national programs with the community.

Ongoing Professional Development
- Will join the national team of Executive Directors in a yearly meeting as well as weekly check in calls.