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Lawyers Alliance for New York (Director of Development)

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- Collaborate with the Boards Development Committee and executive staff to prepare and implement a comprehensive strategic annual fundraising plan to achieve annual budgeted goals for contributed revenues from foundations, law firms, individuals, banks and other corporations, and special events.

- Support and advise Lawyers Alliances Board development efforts, working with leadership to develop meaningful opportunities for engagement with existing Board members, recruit new Board members, and remain connected with prior ones.

- Lead the expansion of private foundation funding by securing contributions from new funders and increased grants from repeat funders. Manage Lawyers Alliance's foundation funder relationships. Research and prepare clear and persuasive reports and appeals (letters of inquiry, grant proposals, donor appeals, and fundraising reports).

- Develop and execute the annual Business Law & Leadership Gala including planning, honoree and sponsor recruitment, donor outreach, event logistics and program, and marketing of the event.

- Plan and direct a successful annual law firm appeal, chaired by a law firm managing partner, to raise more than $900,000 in contributions from national and New York firms. Also prepare and carry out strategic outreach to banks and corporations and pursue relevant government funding opportunities.

- Supervise the Development Coordinators work for the individual and law firm appeals, Gala, acknowledgements, and donor relations. Support the coordinators professional growth and skill development.

- Act as a partner to senior leadership in the planning and execution of Lawyers Alliances 50th anniversary celebration. Help develop and carry out strategy to maximize the fundraising potential associated with this milestone.

- Assist in the preparation of the annual operating budget, periodic financial reports, and cash flow reports.

- Additional planning, fund development, program, marketing, and related activities, as needed.