DRG Executive Search Consultants

Harold Grinspoon Foundation (Director, PJ Library)

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Fundraising and Financial Management (estimated 35% of time):
- Build a fundraising strategy, raise funds, cultivate and steward donors, manage the budget, and track expenses.

- Collaborate with development staff (both in NY and at the HGF) to lead solicitations to grow a multi-million dollar budget.


Strategic Oversight and Management (estimated 25% of time):
- Execute a myriad of high-level and operational tasks, including representing PJ Library in New York as a member of the national PJ Library management team.

- Utilize previous experience in running an organization or large program, growing its size and scope, managing a team (currently 8 staff members), overseeing operational issues, and interacting with a large group of constituents and customers.


Managing Partnerships and Relationships (estimated 20% of time):
- Promote the mission of PJ Library and the importance of engaging Jewish families with young children.

- Serve as the PJ Library in New York key spokesperson to community partners, organizations, and religious institutions and at conferences and other community/fundraising events.


Engagement (estimated 10% of time):
- Set and oversee appropriate programming goals and strategies for NY boroughs, Long Island, and Westchester in coordination with the New York Engagement Officer.

- Ensure alignment between New York engagement strategies and overall program strategy implemented by the national PJ Library staff.


Marketing and Communications (estimated 10% of time):
- Continue the development and oversee a marketing/outreach strategy to attract new families to subscribe to the program, especially in underserved neighborhoods and among unaffiliated Jews. This will include event sponsorships, brand partnerships, and social media or advertising campaigns.

- Oversee communications with subscribers for the purpose of connecting them with each other and local opportunities to get involved with the Jewish community, as well as all communications with donors, partners and stakeholders.