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Community Synagogue of Rye (Executive Director)

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"Embrace and take shared ownership of the vision and strategic direction of the synagogue to enable the continued growth and success of the community.
"Foster and develop meaningful relationships with members of the community and Board by being accessible during business hours and present at worship services, programs and other synagogue events.
"Monitor and assess the administrative and operational structure and develop and recommend plans for continued improvements.

Staff Management
"Foster a culture of collaboration, communication, service, integrity and shared responsibility across and among all staff.
"Motivate, mentor and supervise administrative and facilities staff. Develop and oversee a performance evaluation process, including the clarification of roles and responsibilities, and setting performance expectations and accountability.
"Provide resources for the continued growth and development of staff.

Membership Relations / Communications
"Lead all aspects of the member engagement life cycle, including recruiting and welcoming prospective members, managing the annual membership process, maintaining membership records, and confidentially resolving members concerns and issues.
"Partner with the Membership Committee to create new and innovative recruitment and welcoming opportunities for new members, as well as engagement strategies for continuing members.
"Review and evaluate existing traditional marketing, digital marketing and communications strategies in conjunction with the Communications Associate, and make recommendations for continued enhancements.

"Supervise all finance-related activities, including monitoring expenditures and cash flow
"Ensure regular reporting of financial results to the Board in coordination with outside accounting firm, Financial Secretary and Treasurer
"Oversee annual audit
"Partner with Budget Committee and Treasurer to develop annual budget and long-term financial projections
"Proactively participate in efforts to finance programming, manage expenditures and develop new funding sources for CSR.

Program Support
"Manage all operational, facilities, maintenance and support activities to ensure the successful delivery of all synagogue programs and worship experiences, including but not limited to High Holy Days services at offsite location.

Facilities Management
"Supervise all facilities maintenance activities of building and grounds to ensure the property reflects the caring, welcoming and spiritual community that is CSR.
"Coordinate all construction activities with the House Committee and outside contractors as needed.