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The Kennedy Center (President and Chief Executive Officer)

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Organizational Leadership

- Create an organizational environment that reflects an absolute commitment to mission and the continuing pursuit of quality improvement throughout the organization.

- Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality of finance and administration, management, staff development, fundraising, communications, and operations systems.

- Set the strategic direction for increased revenue generation with proven track record for operational and implementation excellence.

Cultivate a strategic partnership relationship with the Board, seeking counsel and advice as needed to develop agency policy, strategic planning, emerging issues and appropriate solutions.
- Lead The Kennedy Center in planning and managing for current and future growth.

- Appropriately balance market, competitive, organizational and technological factors to make positive, efficient and effective decisions.

- Creatively visualize and consider alternatives, what might or could be and "what if" thinking.

- Anticipate trends, events, problems and opportunities then develop strategies for addressing them.

- Act as a catalyst initiating and leading change.

- Seek new opportunities for service growth both in the public and private sectors with strategic alliances and business opportunities to support the mission and vision of the organization.

- Focus the organization on efforts that add value to consumers, employees and stakeholders.

- Demonstrate a Value for the human dignity and worth of both supervisors and consumers, and cultivate this expectation throughout the organization.



- Ensure that the executive management group acts as a team that aligns the entire agency towards its critical objectives.

- Anticipate obstacles and make provisions to overcome them.

- Act quickly and decisively to seize new opportunities and respond to imminent threats.

- Establish detailed steps, timetables and resources required for achievement of short- and long-term objectives.

- Challenge others with clear goals and responsibilities that result in achievement and ownership.

- Ensure that the organization acts according to the highest legal, ethical, and professional standards in provision of services and in documentation.

- Leverage conflict to strengthen relationships and achieve excellence.

- Create an environment that attracts and retains high performers.

- Foster an open environment for people to communicate candidly regarding problems, obstacles and risks.

- Ensure efficient and effective operations through sound business and fiscal practices throughout the organization.

- Assess viability of programs and implement a business plan that prioritizes programs and projects going forward.