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Project Renewal (Chief Operating Officer)

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Reporting to the President & CEO, the COO will lead all day to day operations and oversee the following major functions: Programs, Medical, Human Resources, IT, Facilities, Fleet and Security.
• He/she will serve as the internal leader of the organization as well as support the CEO in external meetings, including those with city and state officials.
• Lead the performance management process that measures and evaluates progress against goals for the organization.
• Provide strong day-to-day leadership; support an open-door policy among all staff; cultivate the values of Project Renewal throughout the organization.
• Participate in the planning, development and implementation of short and long term strategic objectives, budgets, programs and policies and provide support to board planning initiatives, meetings and reports.
• Ensure that appropriate organizational structure and infrastructure systems are in place to support programmatic objectives and facilitate the delivery of quality, client focused services while managing for current and future growth.