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Temple Israel (Director of Lifelong Jewish Learning)

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• Adopt Temple-wide practices that incorporate Jewish learning into all facets of Temple Israel’s programming, communications, operations, and facilities.
• Collaborate with the clergy in the assessment of Temple Israel’s overall education staffing and makes adjustments to meet the objectives of the strategic plan.
• Provide strong day to day leadership; support an open-door policy among all staff; cultivate the values of a client driven culture throughout the organization.
• Supervise the five Directors and their departments. Empowers a strong program middle management team with the authority, responsibility and accountability, skill set to own and run their program/business line.
• Promote and offer ongoing professional development opportunities for the team members as a whole, and for individuals on the team, that focus on strengthening their work as educators, organizers, pastoral advisors, and managers.
• Set department-wide quarterly and annual goals and benchmarks and work with the clergy, the Executive Director and her/his team, and the adult engagement team to assess and measure progress, achievements, and identify obstacles.
• Create, edit, review, and keep current a range of operational policies and internal controls.
• Along with the Senior Rabbi, determine areas of focus, identify success metrics and evaluate program outcomes.
• Manage team dynamics and create a culture of collaboration, idea sharing and accountability. Guide her/his team to maintain the highest professional standards and incorporate best practices in all facets of their work
• Examine goals for Temple-wide lifespan Jewish learning activities, including major changes, additions, enhancements, and analyzes current programs.
o Review and refines Temple Israel’s philosophy of lifespan Jewish learning.
o Study best practices and innovations in childhood, youth and adult Jewish education, including deep connections with Israel.
o Assure accessibility of learning opportunities for people with special needs.
o Conduct a high-level review of Temple Israel’s overall Jewish learning initiatives and programs.
o Recommend Temple-wide goals that ensure all age cohorts and stages of life are included and addressed.
• Offer core Jewish education experiences for adults and continually identify emerging interests and topics.
o Provide collaborative learning programs with Jewish and greater community partners.
o Experiment with new formats and approaches for the varied ages and stages of adult life.
• Create and implement family educational experience on Jewish holidays.
• Communication
o Integrate social media and develop staff involvement with social media efforts to encourage congregant engagement (throughout all departments)
o Develop, monitor and communicate policies, procedures and general information provided to parents with Senior Rabbi and COO