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Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind - America's Vetdogs (Chief Executive Officer)

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• Drive the creation and implementation of strategic plans.
o Engage and motivate Board of Directors, management and staff in the development and implementation of plans.
o Evaluate progress and impact.
• Seek new opportunities for service growth, strategic alliances and business opportunities to support the mission and vision of the organization.

• Create an organizational environment that reflects an absolute commitment to mission and the continuing pursuit of quality improvement throughout the organization.
• Ensure that policies, procedures and practices facilitate a mission driven culture.
• Assure that all programs and services are consistent with the mission, vision and values of the organization.
• Continually assess organizational performance against plans and external benchmarks to validate the organization’s position as a premier provider of services for people with disabilities.

• With staff and board, plan and execute a strategic, long-term sustainable approach to raising financial support from corporate, foundation, strategic partners, and individual sources with the goal of increasing private fundraising dollars to support ongoing, high quality programs and services consistent with the organization’s mission.
• Ensure an effective communication program is developed and maintained to promote positive relationships with stakeholder groups (consumers, families, funders, state agencies, Veterans Administration, business partners, donors and the public at large).

• Promote a culture of workforce inclusion, professional development and recognition to enhance employee performance and the pursuit of best practices throughout the organization.
• Build depth in managerial and professional leadership structure to assure ongoing stability throughout the organization.
• Provide experiential and development opportunities for staff at all levels throughout the organization.
• Motivate, evaluate and inspire staff by creating a collaborative, transparent and inclusive culture that allows for an open dialogue to address both the challenges and goals facing GDF/AVD.
• Oversee the collective bargaining process with union.

Finance and Operations
• Ensure efficient and effective operations through sound business and fiscal practices throughout the organization.
• Assume responsibility for the financial health, stability, capacity, and planned growth of the organization.
• Assess and assure financial feasibility of current programs as well as that of all new initiatives, based on changing consumer needs and priorities.
• Direct staff processes for developing the annual budget and work closely with staff members to ensure a financially sound operation.
• Assure and monitor compliance with all related statutory and regulatory requirements.

Board Relations
• Inform and advise Board of Directors with regard to significant environmental trends such as new service delivery models, changes in government policy, funding opportunities or challenges, technologies, health matters, and market trends that could impact organizational directions and activities.
• Working with Board leadership, create a dynamic, collaborative partnership between the organization’s voluntary Board of Directors and senior management to advance short and long term objectives, with particular emphasis on community outreach and fundraising activities.

External Relations
• As the face of the organization, continually seek and cultivate relationships on behalf of GDF/AVD with individuals who might serve as volunteers, supporters, donors or otherwise promote and advocate for the advancement of GDF/AVD and the people it serves.
• Work with leaders at the government and nonprofit organizations on systemic changes relevant to the sectors of blindness and veteran needs.
• Establish strategic relationships and partnerships with complementary organizations that enhance and advance leadership role in fulfilling mission and objectives.
• Develop and leverage an ongoing communications, public relations and branding strategy.