DRG Executive Search Consultants

Jewish Child and Family Services (Vice President and Chief Operating Officer)

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• Provide direct oversight of the Senior Directors and their service areas. Empowers a strong program middle management team with the authority, responsibility, accountability and skill sets to own and run their program/service lines.
• A team player and a key member of the senior team, and understands how to create and sustain high-performing teams.
• Able to guide the team to deepen their knowledge, skills, and decision-making ability.

• Provide strong day to day leadership; support an open-door policy among all staff; cultivate the values of a client-centered culture throughout the organization.
• Able to move the organization toward a more diverse revenue model

• Create, edit, review, and keep current a range of operational policies and internal controls. Determine areas of focus; identify success metrics and support evaluation of program outcomes.
• Work with the leaders of the Agency’s shared support services to strengthen current and future operational systems. Use deep knowledge of process improvement, quality and change management to provide services more efficiently and effectively.

Board Liaison
• Works regularly with Board to ensure they are informed on key issues enabling them to engage and support the Agency mission effectively.
• Submit reports to the Board of Directors and acts as staff liaison to the relevant board committees.

Community and Donor Relations
• Serve as a key external leader in working with local nonprofits, elected officials, funders, managed care organizations and community leaders.
• Supports agency resource development efforts by building relationships with key donors and foundational funders.