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New Hope Community (Vice President for Strategic Transformation and Programs (Search Closed))

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• Drive the creation and implementation of strategic plans through engagement of management, staff, board members and many external stakeholders.

• Ensure that the approved strategic plan is periodically refreshed in coordination with the Strategic Planning Committee of the Board of Directors.

• Lead the efforts to strategically integrate all new state mandates and new business developments into the New Hope Community operating framework, including the assurance that the service delivery infrastructure can support future needs.

• Create an organizational environment that reflects an absolute commitment to innovation and the continuing pursuit of quality improvement.

• Provide leadership in developing new, diverse and sustainable revenue streams to provide the most reasonably secure operating platform for the New Hope Community of tomorrow.

• Ensure New Hope Community is well positioned to capitalize on opportunities as well as being protected against the challenges within today’s ever-changing human services delivery model.

Communications and Community Relations

• Ensure an effective communication program is developed and maintained to promote positive relationships with stakeholder groups (individuals supported, families, funders, state agencies, business partners, donors and the public at-large).

• As a face of the organization, continually seek and cultivate relationships on behalf of New Hope Community that will enable programmatic expansion and innovation.

• Work with leaders within all areas of government on systemic changes relevant to the sector.

• Develop and leverage an ongoing marketing/communications, public relations and branding strategy.

• Seek new opportunities for service growth both in the public and private sectors, strategic alliances and business opportunities to support the mission and vision of the organization.


• Directly supervise all residential, day programs, leisure and supported work programs and ensure the pursuit of best practices to optimize service delivery.

• Build depth in the managerial and professional leadership structure to ensure ongoing stability throughout the department.

• Motivate, evaluate and inspire staff by creating a collaborative, transparent and inclusive culture that allows for an open dialogue to address both the challenges and goals facing New Hope Community.