DRG Executive Search Consultants

Rockwern Academy (Head of School)

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Executive Leadership & Education Administration

• Articulate and implement the school's educational vision and advance the school’s mission.

• Provide overall leadership and direction – both educational and operational – for the school, its faculty and staff.

• Work together with the Board of Trustees to identify and determine priorities, areas for improvement and opportunities for institutional growth.

• Direct and implement all strategic, long-range and tactical planning.

• Hire, supervise, evaluate and support the School's management team.

• Foster trust and maintain positive morale among all faculty and staff members. Establish personal relationships with faculty, staff, parents, students, alumni and other stakeholders. Be a valued collaborative member of the Cincinnati Jewish Community.

• Ensure the continuation and implementation of strong professional development and continuing education for faculty and staff.

• Maintain and assure school accreditation and compliance with government regulations and standards.


• Direct and collaborate with the development team on annual, capital and endowment fundraising strategies and planning. Play an active and supportive role in the implementation of these plans and strategies to meet them.

• Collaborate with the Board of Trustees in order to continue to increase enrollment in the school.

Public and Community Relations

• Encourage, foster and maintain meaningful connections with all constituencies of the school community such as staff, administrators, parents, board members, students, donors, alumni, alumni parents, and local organizations in the Cincinnati community.

• Cultivate and maintain relationships with the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, local synagogues and clergy and other agencies and leaders in the community in order to further advance Rockwern Academy.