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Empathy Fund (President)

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The President will play a “hands on” role providing resources and expertise in the implementation of programs, coordinating collaboration among staff and monitoring and evaluating progress toward maximizing impact. This will include developing methods and resources for independent program evaluation required to measure impact, and to support program adjustments and development.

S/he will work with financial and legal advisors to monitor and plan for the expenditure of funds, governance and tax issues; and work with communications advisors regarding messaging and promotion of initiatives as appropriate. S/he will identify new resources and advisors as additional areas of expertise are required to develop new initiatives, to expand current ones and to evaluate programs. S/he will represent or join DL at meetings with key experts, influentials and partners.

The President will partner with DL to develop the next phases of his philanthropy’s vision and operations. DL has ideas about how to affect change in many areas and has a strong passion for action and impact. The President will work with DL and the philanthropy professionals to ensure the necessary resources and infrastructure to adequately research, strategize, and prioritize efforts as DL’s philanthropic activities expand.

The President will advise DL and the KIND Foundation staff as they develop a strategy to advance the company’s philanthropic objectives, which are consistent with and reflective of, the company’s values.

The President will support DL and his family on their personal philanthropic interests and obligations, reviewing, vetting, and responding to requests for funds and participation. S/he will help them organize, prioritize, and advance their individual and family giving.

The President will be the “central address” for the oversight, development and monitoring of the various philanthropic entities and programs, and the primary resource for expertise, advice and supervision for the philanthropy professionals. This will allow DL to maximize his time and impact by focusing on his creative and entrepreneurial strengths in developing and advancing the philanthropic portfolio’s interests, goals and impact.