DRG Executive Search Consultants

Temple Israel (Director of Lifelong Jewish Learning)

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• Significant experience in supervision, team building and organizational leadership.
• Entrepreneurial thinking skills, creativity, good judgment, sensitivity, excellent interpersonal skills, professional maturity, organizational skills, oral and written communications skills, credibility, honesty, and integrity.
• Experience in creating opportunities for congregants to build relationships with one another and in strategically weaving together community in ways that reflect the individual members’ interests and how they overlap with the interests of others.
• A character that demonstrates strong work ethic, a kind nature in his/her disposition, a leadership style that embraces ideas of others and brings people together, and a sense of humor.
• Strong knowledge of Jewish text, ritual, and practice
• Capacity and proven skill in working both in partnership with others and independently to develop ideas and model initiatives. Ability to work collaboratively with both lay and professional partners.