DRG Executive Search Consultants

Jewish Child and Family Services (Vice President and Chief Operating Officer)

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• A Master’s degree (health administration, public administration, social work administration or fields related to the work of JCFS) is preferred.
• Exhibit managerial courage—tactfully dispenses direct and actionable feedback; is open and direct with others without being intimidating; deals head-on with people problems and tough situations; challenges the status quo and takes risks.
• Has a deep understanding and experience in creating vision and leading change management. Able to articulate a vision of the future within the organization, and lead the change necessary to create new revenue streams, services and processes.
• A proven track record of success as a strong, collaborative internal manager and external representative of an organization. Able to work and think strategically to build strong relationships with both agency staff and stakeholders including business leaders, philanthropists, service providers, public officials, volunteers and consumers.
• Strong communicator, both oral and written, with strong interpersonal relationship skills. Equally skilled and comfortable working with everyone from line staff to board leadership.
• Goal-oriented with a business-like approach to setting and monitoring progress towards strategic objectives. Able to build consensus while balancing clinical/program/business interests. Comfortable recommending strategic direction and leading implementation of that direction independently.
• A creative person with a welcoming and energetic personality.
• Able to develop, manage and assess programmatic budgets and financial reports in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
• Has knowledge and experience in guiding team members and peers in creating an environment where innovation and innovative ideas are embraced and celebrated.