DRG Executive Search Consultants

Yeshivah of Flatbush (Head of Elementary School)

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• Proven track record as an organizational leader and/or educational administrator.

• Demonstrated ability to manage a large and complex organization.

• Ability to effectively communicate a vision, mission and values in a charismatic, consensus-building, persuasive manner to all constituencies, especially faculty, staff, board members, parents and donors.

• Demonstrated ability to connect with, inspire and encourage students.

• Ability to promote and foster educational excellence.

• Ability to see the “big picture” and maintain a strategic overview in addressing problems and planning solutions in a results-oriented manner. Vision to develop and advocate for new, imaginative and unique solutions.

• Ability to set clear priorities from among a number of diverse tasks and needs, meeting predetermined schedules and laying out a timely course of action to address issues and problems.

• Ability to command respect and inspire confidence from staff, faculty and the student body.

• Open and collaborative management and leadership style. Comfortable with soliciting input from others while still being decisive and independent in the decision-making process. Ability to delegate and transfer authority and responsibility for work to others.

• Strong supervisory and evaluation skills to monitor staff objectively and hold them accountable for expected results.

• Excellent people skills. Warm, honest and fair approach in dealing with others. Ability to interact and engage comfortably with a wide variety of key constituents including students, parents, board members and community leaders.

• Ability to maintain composure and effectiveness under pressure. Ability to approach work with sense of creative energy, enthusiasm and humor.

• Knowledge of, and personal commitment to, Jewish ideals, values, history, ritual and practice.

• Advanced degree in Education, Educational Administration, Judaic Studies, or another related field.