DRG Executive Search Consultants

Rockwern Academy (Head of School)

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• Ability to communicate the vision, mission, values and ideas of Rockwern in an inspiring, thoughtful and consensus-building manner to all constituencies, especially faculty, staff, Board members, parents, prospective parents, and donors.

• Strong managerial acumen and evaluation skills to monitor staff objectively and hold them accountable for expected results.

• Proven track record as an educator and educational administrator. Experience with curriculum development and school management. Experience with or prior exposure to an integrated Judaic and General studies curriculum is desirable.

• Open and collaborative management and leadership style which welcomes input and also listens carefully, while negotiating tough choices and professional boundaries with various constituencies.

• Excellent people skills. Warm, honest and fair approach in dealing with others. Ability to interact and engage comfortably with a wide variety of key constituents including students, parents, Board members, major donors and community leaders.

• Successful track record with the development and implementation of an advancement strategy, and experience with donor cultivation.

• An approach to work which includes:

     *creative energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor

     *compassion and empathy

     *curiosity and willingness to try new things

     *composure under pressure

• Advanced degree in Education, Judaic Studies, Educational Administration, or another related field.

• Appreciation for children and thoughtful approach to progressive education.