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Miami Learning Experience School (Executive Director)

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As the chief professional officer of MLE and reporting directly to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will ensure that school is properly equipped and staffed to accomplish its mission of creating an environment that encourages individualized academic, social, and emotional growth for all children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Professional leadership is the integral component of the position. The Executive Director must have the ability to mobilize others towards excellence in both thought and action. Knowledge and expertise in organizational planning, communications, operations, and management, as well as a strong entrepreneurial vision, are important to the success of this individual.

S/he is expected to be a leader and resource to the Board and staff in addressing organizational opportunities and challenges. The Executive Director must display the leadership capacity to institute policies and procedures necessary to the effective management of the school.

The Executive Director must be a strong communicator in groups and with individuals, able to interpret issues clearly, and effectively persuade others in a manner that leads to agreement and action. It is also incumbent upon the Executive Director to ensure that policies are appropriately communicated to multiple audiences (faculty, parents, community, Board, funders, etc.).

It is expected that the Executive Director will play a highly visible role in the community as the primary voice to government officials, media, donors, community leaders, parent groups and other supporters. The Executive Director will be tasked with leading the effort to enhance MLE’s reputation in the region as a premier school for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Expected outcomes from these activities will result in increased enrollment, greater levels of community engagement, and rise in public and private financial support of its activities.

Lastly, as the chief professional officer, the Executive Director is responsible for the sound management of the school as it relates to ensuring:

• A dedicated and well trained faculty,
• State of the art programs,
• A safe and well run school buildings and grounds,
• A balanced budget, and
• A positive environment for work and continual learning for staff and students alike.