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Yeshivah of Flatbush (Head of Elementary School)

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The YOF Board of Trustees seeks a Head of Elementary School to begin in the summer of 2018. This is an exceptional opportunity to lead and inspire a student body of 1,500 students in an institution with a uniquely storied legacy in the Jewish day school community and an unmatched commitment to academic excellence, Zionism, and Jewish values. The Head of Elementary School will be in position to advance the Elementary School by setting the course for continued achievement within a growing and changing educational and social environment. From its youngest two-year olds to its thousands of alumni worldwide, the Yeshivah of Flatbush is eager to partner with its next Head of Elementary School to carry on its mission of educating the next generation of Jewish leaders, thinkers and citizens.


The Head of Elementary School will be the Chief Education and Administrative Officer of the YOF Elementary School. Reporting to the President of the school's Board of Trustees, the Head of Elementary School will have ultimate responsibility for ensuring the articulation, implementation and advancement of the Elementary School’s mission to provide an outstanding general and Jewish education to all of the School's students. The new Head of Elementary School will be a passionate and decisive leader with exemplary skills as a hands-on administrator, institution builder, school community leader, strategic planner and cultivator of collaborative relationships. The position encompasses three core leadership capacities:

Inspirational Leadership

The next Head of Elementary School is an inspirational leader and educator who will motivate, empower and collaborate with students, faculty, staff, and the entire school community. Guided by the school’s mission, the Head of Elementary School must be a creative thinker, and be able to clearly articulate a strong ES institutional vision and operationally plan for the effective implementation of that vision. With oversight of a large faculty, staff, and student body, this position requires a leader who is a resourceful and effective delegator; a manager who empowers others and instills confidence in them to partner with him/her in setting the course for sustained growth. The Head of Elementary School must have exemplary communication skills and a high emotional quotient.

Instructional Leadership

The next Head of Elementary School will have a strong understanding of both general and Judaic studies and will have the capacity to oversee and foster excellence in both. It is someone with a deep understanding of pedagogy on multiple levels, including curriculum development and implementation, as well as progressive educational movements and educational technology trends. As a continual learner who stays ahead of educational trends in both Judaic and secular studies, the new Head of Elementary School will be able to effectively institute real and innovative modifications to the Elementary School by providing training, leadership, motivation, and mentorship to faculty and administrators.

Student-Centered Leadership

The next Head of Elementary School at YOF is a dedicated educator who will demonstrate a genuine passion and appreciation for students and their well-being. It is someone who will focus on the whole child, reinforcing children’s natural curiosity and motivation. The Head of Elementary School is a dynamic relationship builder who displays a sincere interest in each student, engages them with the values and ethos of the Elementary School and imbues within them a love of Torah and mitzvot. This position will require someone who is a charismatic, compassionate, and relatable leader who will set and advance a success oriented culture among all of the Elementary School’s constituents aimed at student growth.