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Providence House (Executive Director)

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Core Values
“Community, Non-violence, Compassion, and Hospitality”

Providence House is a faith-based, woman-focused agency headquartered in the Bedford-Stuyvesant community of Brooklyn whose mission is to provide shelter and support to homeless, abused and formerly incarcerated women and their children in a hospitable, non-violent, compassionate atmosphere.

Providence House was founded in 1979, when a small group of Sisters of St. Joseph invited a homeless mother, just released from prison on parole and her child to stay in their convent. Today the organization serves approximately 500 women, children and families each year at nine transitional and permanent residences. Providence House includes four transitional residences located in Brooklyn and Queens; a transitional residence and permanent housing program in Westchester; a transitional apartment program and two permanent supportive housing facilities in Brooklyn.

Providence House’s transitional housing offers a unique model of small, congregate facilities scattered throughout New York City. The religious Sisters who founded the organization still perform some of the essential duties -- living in the houses with clients, sharing dinners most nights, regularly providing counsel and acting as informal mentors, creating a more intimate experience than is typical with larger and more institutional rehabilitation efforts.

Committed to creating a safe healing environment, Providence House embraces the Sanctuary® Model -- a blueprint for clinical and organizational change which, at its core, promotes safety and recovery from adversity through the active creation of a trauma-informed community. A recognition that trauma is pervasive in the experience of human beings forms the basis for the Sanctuary Model's focus not only on the people who seek treatment, but equally on the people and systems who provide that treatment.

Providence House aims to end the cycle of homelessness, abuse and return to incarceration through creating long-lasting change in the lives of women and families by assisting residents to obtain education and training, learn job skills, gain employment, and ultimately, find a permanent home for their families.

Providence House offers:

• Welcoming, human-scale environments. Offer communal residences, transitional apartments, a parole-re-entry program, and permanent supportive housing.

• Collaborative, person-to-person case management. Engage residents in assessing needs, planning action steps, accessing services, and securing employment and housing.

• Child development and family support. Provide a clean, safe learning environment for children at our child care center, as well as developmental screenings and referrals. Strengthen families through parent education and coaching, along with recreational and enrichment activities.

• Life skills and career development. Provide group and one-on-one training in independent living and employment skills.

• Ongoing community support. Help families remain stable and continue to move forward after completing the program.

Providence House has a strong track record of successes. More than 15,000 women and children have benefited from the various programs offered by Providence House’s ten residences. Over 90% of women and families remain stably housed for at least 2 years after completing their programs and more than 95% of women in the re-entry program avoid further incarceration for a year or longer. In 2013 and 2014 the agency opened two new supportive housing residences in Brooklyn, totaling 68 units for singles and families, and in July 2017 will be rehabilitating another two buildings for supportive housing totaling 21 units.

Providence House has an annual budget of approximately $5.2M, a senior team of five, a staff of approximately 80, and a dedicated 12 member volunteer board. Providence House received its tax exempt status through the United States Catholic Bishop Conference’s group exemption; and is listed in the P.J. Kenedy Official Catholic Directory under Catholic Charities of Brooklyn.

For more information about Providence House, Inc., please visit www.providencehouse.org.