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Odyssey Networks (Director of Advancement (Search closed))

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Odyssey Networks is a multi-media multi faith non-profit with a social justice focus. They produce long and short form documentary programming that drives impact campaigns, and partners with people and organizations (regardless of faith) to engage the world to nurture compassion, justice, and hope. Their productions feature universal themes common to all people such as transformation, redemption, and inspiration.

Odyssey’s programs encourage people to work together and act towards making the world more humane. They build impact campaigns that bring together coalitions of faith-based and secular change-makers, including (but not limited to) policymakers, academic, and professional experts; to create dynamic change in addressing some of the most pressing social justice issues facing our world.

At the cornerstone of each impact campaign is a documentary that builds awareness around an issue in the most compelling way – through intimate and personal storytelling. In the last year, their documentaries have been screened at the White House and Congress, as well as at some of the world’s top film festivals, including The Sundance Film Festival. Odyssey works with the industry’s leading talent, such as Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker; who executive-produced Serving Life, winner of the prestigious CINE Special Jury Award.

Odyssey Networks is seeking a Director of Advancement to support the revenue-generation efforts of the organization. Are you forward thinking and thrive on working with leaders who are passionate about accelerating the impact of the organization’s mission and strategic position in a creative space? Do you have a proven track-record of developing and implementing philanthropic strategies that lead to significant revenue growth? Are you able to demonstrate capacity to engage high powered key stakeholders?

This is a unique opportunity to apply that skill-set and knowledge to build an infrastructure for long term impact.


Odyssey Networks is an inter-faith, multi-media non-profit that brings together organizations and individuals around powerful programming that supports people of all faiths and common values as they engage the world; they give faith a voice in the public square, showing the civic value of faith in action.

They bring together top talent from the world of filmmaking to create award-winning long and short form content to leverage their established faith-based and educational networks to join with secular organizations in using these films in their work to build a more just and compassionate world. Odyssey’s recent films have explored a wide range of issues including mass incarceration, gun violence, racial justice and military sexual trauma.

Odyssey Networks has used innovative media to tell stories of faith in action. Odyssey was founded in 1987 as a revolutionary cable channel that brought diversity to inter-faith media, giving America’s major denominations a platform to tell their stories. As the world of news, information and entertainment has become available on multiple platforms, Odyssey has morphed into a multimedia organization by distributing content everywhere: the internet, mobile devices, streaming platforms, and conferences. Odyssey has the unique capability to connect people of all religious backgrounds and bridge the divide with the secular world by highlighting the civic value of faith.

Additional information about Odyssey Networks and its wholly owned production entity, Transform Films, can be found on their websites at www.odysseynetworks.org. and www.transformfilmsinc.com.