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Miami Learning Experience School (Executive Director)

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Established in 1977 the Miami Learning Experience School (MLE), is a private nonprofit school for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As one of the leading schools in South Florida, MLE’s operates its various programs on a lush 3.5 acre campus in the heart of South Miami. With a budget of approximately $2.3M, MLE currently serves 110 individuals with varying disabilities from age 5 through adulthood.

MLE practices sequential, theory-based, developmentally appropriate instruction at each level of a child or adult's life. Carefully planned and individualized programs of learning in a safe and secure environment prevent secondary disabilities and expand each student's growth and abilities. As a collective and powerful unit, the administration, faculty, students, and families continue to create history and build a bridge into a rich and meaningful tomorrow:

MLE believes that:

1. Understanding the individual needs of students, and providing excellent programs inside and outside of the classroom, ensures student learning success. 2. Parents and teachers are partners in the educational process of the students. 3. Learning and enrichment programs should be provided in a state-of-the-art facility. 4. To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.


Research and experience clearly indicate that developmentally disabled individuals have vast potential. The Miami Learning Experience School fosters intellectual and emotional growth through personal care and attention, carefully developed programs, and objectives that can help achieve milestones. In an atmosphere of trust and dedication, MLE seeks the active learning of all students.

MLE believes that all children with developmental disabilities have the potential for learning and that all adults with developmental disabilities can step out into the community and be as independent as possible. MLE promotes and strives to achieve meaningful life experiences for its students; to encourage academic, social/emotional growth, confidence, and general overall development of wellness for all children and adults with special needs.

The school upholds a commitment in three pillars of strength for individuals with disabilities during their infant to adult life cycle: academics, independence and community involvement. The school's strategic plan promotes new and meaningful community-wide relationships.

Please visit the school website at www.thelearningexperienceschool.org to learn more about their programs.