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Women's City Club of New York (Executive Director (Search closed))

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Women’s City Club of New York, established in 1915, is a nonprofit, non-partisan, multi-issue membership organization dedicated to improving the lives of all New Yorkers. Early members included Frances Perkins, a New York City labor leader and later the first female cabinet member as FDR’s Secretary of Labor; Ida Tarbell, legendary muckraking journalist; Alice Duer Miller, a novelist and screenwriter and WCC’s first president; Eleanor Roosevelt, then first lady of New York State; and Virginia Gildersleeve, World War II WAVES commander and dean of Barnard College. Today, WCC has about 400 members, spanning age, ethnicity and the five boroughs and beyond.

The founders had a great purpose in mind: “to consider various political problems…and to offer practical methods by which women may initiate, support, or oppose municipal movements.” They wasted no time in tackling complex problems, such as abuse of women in sweatshops, intolerable tenement living conditions and the failures of our free society to provide equal opportunities for all.

Every day, WCC continues to promote civic engagement, activism and leadership to remove the public policy barriers that limit opportunities for New Yorkers. WCC continues to advocate for economic, gender, and racial justice so that all New Yorkers can achieve economic stability, enjoy equal opportunity, and live in safe and secure communities. Through member-led and staff-supported Task Forces, WCC members conduct research, publish reports, foster dialogue with public officials, launch public education and advocacy campaigns, and promote civic engagement. WCC’s seven areas of focus are criminal justice, the environment, good government, health, housing and homelessness, income inequality and public education.

For more information about the Women’s City Club of New York, please visit their website at www.wccny.org.