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Diller Teen Fellows (Managing Director)

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The mission of the Diller Teen Fellowship (DTF) is to create an international network of inspired and empowered Jewish teens who will serve as active, effective leaders with a stronger Jewish identity, a sense of commitment to their communities, the Jewish people, and Israel, motivated to make the world a better place.

Today, the Diller Teen Fellows is recognized as a premier leadership development program for Jewish teens. The program provides a unique model for experiencing Jewish pluralism, Peoplehood, and North American-South African-Australian-European-Israeli partnership. The program has graduated more than 3,500 alumni; leaders actively engaged in improving the future of their communities, Israel, and the Jewish people.

DTF contributes to ensuring Jewish continuity by fostering the sense of Jewish connection and peoplehood; engaging with compelling educational and partnership opportunities, the participants are drawn to continue their commitment to Jewish life and to actively respond to needs in their own communities, Israel and around the world.

Diller Teen Fellows is entering an exciting new stage of growth. In FY2017/18 the DTF international staff will include 15 FTE, and the Helen Diller Family Foundation will invest over $6 million in the program budget, matched by over $2 million from the DTF partner communities. Planned program growth includes deepening the programmatic and educational experience and impact, continuing to develop alumni programming, and adding new communities.

The leadership of DTF views the appointment of a Managing Director as a compelling opportunity for an inspiring leader to advance the program at a turning point in its organizational development; an opportunity to leverage its success to date and be a key member of the team to take it to the next level.

This is a remarkable opportunity to directly impact the lives of Jewish teens today, and prepare the next generation of Jewish leaders for tomorrow.



The Diller Teen Fellows (DTF) is a year-long international experiential education and leadership program for high school students. DTF strives to deepen and strengthen participants’ Jewish identity, leadership capacity, Israel engagement, and commitment to social action. Programming is framed through the lens of Jewish Peoplehood and pluralism. Fellows participate in day-long workshops, weekend retreats, community service projects, a ten-day visit by the Israeli teens to their partner community outside Israel, and a three-week Summer Seminar in Israel.

DTF was launched in San Francisco in 1997 and has since grown to include 32 communities across the globe. With 20 teens selected to participate in each of the 32 communities, DTF currently engages 640 participants annually, as well as over 100 recent alumni who serve as “junior staff.” Each community has a dedicated professional in place as the local DTF Program Coordinator. The DTF program makes a significant and intentional investment in training and professional development for coordinators, as well as for their partnership supervisors, Federation representatives, and local lay advocates.