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Empathy Fund (President)

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Daniel Lubetzky (DL) is as driven and creative with his philanthropy as he is in his business endeavors. In his new book, Do the Kind Thing, www.kindsnacks.com/books/do-the-kind-thing Daniel describes his motivations, social entrepreneurial approach to his business and philanthropy, and his passion to change the world. He strives to create greater impact by investing in the vision and operations of the current initiatives, and to grow the philanthropies’ by expanding current projects and introducing new ideas in a broad range of sectors. Current projects include the Peaceworks Foundation (http://www.peaceworks.com), a public charity with an independent board, which DL founded.

Related to the Peaceworks Foundation are:

• OneVoice Movement www.onevoicemovement.org: Peaceworks’ flagship project; an international grassroots movement that amplifies the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians comprised of:
o OneVoice Israel (dba Darkenu), an Israeli based nonprofit with its own Board and Israeli based fundraising
o OneVoice Palestine (dba Zimam), a Palestinian affiliate of OneVoice with its own Advisory Board and growing fundraising operation
o OneVoice US, operates the campus fellowship, coordinates policy, communications, and fundraising across the movement and raises funds through the Peaceworks Foundation
o OneVoice Europe, a registered UK charity supported by the Foundation that compliments global fundraising and promotes pragmatic activism in support of the movement.
• Empatico - a new program being incubated within the Peaceworks Foundation, as are the investments in, and grants to, the new Peace Crops, a Middle East agricultural initiative. There will definitely be new programs underway by the time this position if filled.

In addition to the Peaceworks Foundation projects, The KIND Foundation, the corporation’s philanthropic arm, is a significant part of DL’s philanthropic interests.

Daniel Lubetzky also has a significant portfolio of personal/family giving interest and obligations, which continues to grow with his ability and visibility in this sector.