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Environmental Defense Fund (Global Campaign Director (search closed))

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The, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is where policymakers and business leaders turn for win-win solutions. This leading green group, with programs from Boston to Beijing, has tripled in size over the past decade by focusing on strong science, uncommon partnerships and market-based approaches. You can be part of a vibrant workplace that welcomes diverse perspectives, talents and contributions, where innovation and a focus on results are a way of life.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), formed in 1967, is a leading national nonprofit organization representing more than 2,000,000 members whose mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends and to create innovative, equitable, cost-effective, and lasting solutions to society’s most serious environmental problems.

EDF takes a nonpartisan approach to smart policy and advocacy, and is dedicated to protecting and defending the environmental rights of all people, including future generations. Among these rights are clean air and water, healthy and nourishing food, a stable climate and flourishing ecosystems. As passionate, pragmatic environmental advocates, EDF believes in prosperity, stewardship and harnessing the power of market incentives.

EDF has set ambitious goals for the future in their Blueprint 2020 Strategic Plan. This plan looks at how EDF can help to meet the world’s most pressing issues in their areas of work – Climate, Oceans, Ecosystems and Health. EDF concentrates on places and policies where they can make the biggest difference, building on the work they have already done through their programs. Through creating strong partnerships with elected officials, corporations, and communities at large, EDF hopes to accomplish the following in each of their areas of work by 2020:

• Climate: Reduce emissions of climate pollutants enough that global emissions start coming down by 2020, and build the foundation for further reductions over the long term.
• Oceans: Be on track toward having 50% more fish in the sea by 2025.
• Ecosystems: Incentives are in place to reward owners of working lands for generating environmental benefits while maintaining agricultural and forest productivity. In the areas where EDF is working, negative trends in fertilizer runoff, habitat loss, coastal erosion and water consumption will be reversed.
• Health: Significantly reduce exposures to chemical pollutants in consumer products as well as air and water pollution from fossil fuels, including oil and gas operations and coal-fired power plants.

With the organization’s reputation for constructive solutions, EDF aims to engage and persuade key decision-makers and the public through a broad set of communication channels in this process. To unleash transformational change there are new opportunities for EDF to tap the knowledge of experts globally, organize powerful new partnerships and use advanced online communications tools to reach out and persuade.

For more information about the Environmental Defense Fund, please visit www.edf.org.

For more information on the Blueprint 2020 Plan, you can read the entire strategic plan here.