DRG Executive Search Consultants

This collection of websites and articles should be useful to both job seekers, and employers with regard to how to get the most out of working with an executive search firms such as DRG.

The Wall Street Journal's Career Center

At DRG we have found that many people starting a job search are uncertain how to best work with an executive search firm to fulfill their goals. This website lists numerous well-developed articles on how to establish a relationship with executive recruiters. Just remember that recruiters are inundated with emails and phone calls by prospective candidates. Because recruiters are retained by the organization for specific searches, they don't have the ability to respond to every prospective candidate's cold call or email. The articles on this site will help show how recruiters work and how to work with them in a way that is mutually efficient. Click here to read further.

Basic 4 Point Primer on Working with a Recruiter

For prospective candidates, this is a quick read and forms the basis on preparing to work with an executive recruiter. Click here to read further.

Nonprofit Internet Resources

DRG's list of links for nonprofit organizations and professionals. Click here to read further.