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Once a fairly straightforward endeavor, resume writing has become much more of a science and an art. Many professionals are using nontraditional formatting and writing to give their resumes more impact. While the old protocols have been discarded, there are new dos and donĀ“ts to keep in mind. Here is some advice from the resume-writing experts.

How to Help Employers See If You Have What They Are Looking For

DRG takes an in-depth look at what makes a good resume and how candidates can best prepare their objectives and credentials. Click here to read further.

Pinpoint Accomplishments to Improve Your Resume

Terry Gallagher, a president of an executive search firm in NYC, says he places "three times as much value on results versus responsibilities on a resume." This article from the Career Development section of the Wall Street Journal goes beyond the format of resume writing and gives advice on what accomplishments to include and how to convey your successes on a resume. Click here to read further.