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The Yeshivah of Flatbush (“YOF”) is more than just the largest co-educational modern Orthodox Yeshivah in North America educating over 2,100 students in its Elementary and High School campuses. Since 1927, the school has stood at the forefront of American Jewish education and has set the standard of excellence emulated by other academic institutions worldwide. With its pioneering and unwavering commitment to Torah U’Madah, the Yeshivah of Flatbush continues to prepare its students to be Jewish leaders, steadfast supporters of Israel, lifelong learners and staunch contributors to the greater Jewish and secular communities.

YOF boasts over 12,000 alumni, many of whom are engaged in leadership roles in supporting the academic, extracurricular, operational, capital and tuition assistance needs of the school. Two alumni have won the Nobel Prize, one is a Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court and many are pathfinders in the arts and sciences and leaders in communities around the world. The Yeshivah of Flatbush has an unparalleled reputation as one of the most selective and demanding schools of its kind in North America and is committed to continuing to foster its core values of excellence, innovation and leadership.

The Elementary School (“ES”) proudly educates over 1,500 students in its Early Childhood, Lower and Middle Divisions. The Elementary School campus is comprised of four buildings totaling 130,000 square feet, including a recently acquired building for its youngest Early Childhood students. YOF is in the midst of a multi-year effort to renovate and upgrade its Elementary School, including new Early Childhood classrooms, computer and science labs, and its technology infrastructure. A YOF Early Childhood Technology Center and State-of-the-Art Smart Space computer lab will soon provide an exciting environment for additional exploration and discovery.

The Elementary School boasts an impressive number of innovative resources, programs and initiatives, all thoughtfully designed to best enrich and develop the intellectual, religious, physical, social and emotional growth of its children. Through YOF’s intensive dual-curricular structure and distinctive Ivrit B’Ivrit Judaic Studies curriculum, students are encouraged to develop a strong love of Judaism and deep connection to Israel and the Jewish people. A robust offering of extra-curricular activities, educational trips, academic teams, competitions, special events, and sports teams for boys and girls provide opportunities for personal growth that extend far beyond the classroom. Great emphasis is placed on midot, chesed and leadership in all Elementary School programming.

To nurture academic excellence, on a curricular level all teachers are encouraged to work across their disciplines and expose students to an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. Judaic and general studies faculty are continually supported with ongoing professional development. The Elementary School’s outstanding team of faculty and staff are committed to guiding children to lead inspired lives of purpose and influence.

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The YOF Board of Trustees seeks a Head of Elementary School to begin in the summer of 2018. This is an exceptional opportunity to lead and inspire a student body of 1,500 students in an institution with a uniquely storied legacy in the Jewish day school community and an unmatched commitment to academic excellence, Zionism, and Jewish values. The Head of Elementary School will be in position to advance the Elementary School by setting the course for continued achievement within a growing and changing educational and social environment. From its youngest two-year olds to its thousands of alumni worldwide, the Yeshivah of Flatbush is eager to partner with its next Head of Elementary School to carry on its mission of educating the next generation of Jewish leaders, thinkers and citizens.


The Head of Elementary School will be the Chief Education and Administrative Officer of the YOF Elementary School. Reporting to the President of the school's Board of Trustees, the Head of Elementary School will have ultimate responsibility for ensuring the articulation, implementation and advancement of the Elementary School’s mission to provide an outstanding general and Jewish education to all of the School's students. The new Head of Elementary School will be a passionate and decisive leader with exemplary skills as a hands-on administrator, institution builder, school community leader, strategic planner and cultivator of collaborative relationships. The position encompasses three core leadership capacities:

Inspirational Leadership

The next Head of Elementary School is an inspirational leader and educator who will motivate, empower and collaborate with students, faculty, staff, and the entire school community. Guided by the school’s mission, the Head of Elementary School must be a creative thinker, and be able to clearly articulate a strong ES institutional vision and operationally plan for the effective implementation of that vision. With oversight of a large faculty, staff, and student body, this position requires a leader who is a resourceful and effective delegator; a manager who empowers others and instills confidence in them to partner with him/her in setting the course for sustained growth. The Head of Elementary School must have exemplary communication skills and a high emotional quotient.

Instructional Leadership

The next Head of Elementary School will have a strong understanding of both general and Judaic studies and will have the capacity to oversee and foster excellence in both. It is someone with a deep understanding of pedagogy on multiple levels, including curriculum development and implementation, as well as progressive educational movements and educational technology trends. As a continual learner who stays ahead of educational trends in both Judaic and secular studies, the new Head of Elementary School will be able to effectively institute real and innovative modifications to the Elementary School by providing training, leadership, motivation, and mentorship to faculty and administrators.

Student-Centered Leadership

The next Head of Elementary School at YOF is a dedicated educator who will demonstrate a genuine passion and appreciation for students and their well-being. It is someone who will focus on the whole child, reinforcing children’s natural curiosity and motivation. The Head of Elementary School is a dynamic relationship builder who displays a sincere interest in each student, engages them with the values and ethos of the Elementary School and imbues within them a love of Torah and mitzvot. This position will require someone who is a charismatic, compassionate, and relatable leader who will set and advance a success oriented culture among all of the Elementary School’s constituents aimed at student growth.



Education Administration

• Champion the ES’s educational and operational vision and advance the school’s mission.

• Work together with YOF’s President and Board of Trustees, Board of Education and administrative teams to strengthen the vision and strategy for the Elementary School and to identify and determine priorities, areas for improvement and opportunities for institutional growth.

• Provide overall leadership and direction – both educational and operational – for the ES and its faculty and staff, in both Judaic and general studies.

• Cultivate and reinforce ongoing working relationships with the high school principals and faculty to identify core competencies and ensure a cohesive YOF vision and mission.

• Engage ES students with warmth and respect and display a genuine desire to connect with YOF parents and families.

• Be knowledgeable of current trends in education, educational administration and school management, and ensure that this information is shared with board members, faculty and staff as appropriate.

• Strive to offer the most pedagogically current and enriching Jewish educational experience to students and families.

• In conjunction with ES Principals, supervise, evaluate and innovatively implement the ES's educational curriculum and programs.

• Direct and implement all strategic, long range and tactical planning for the ES.

• Recruit, develop, mentor, supervise, evaluate and support the ES’s faculty and educational teams.

• Foster trust and maintain positive morale among all ES faculty and staff members.

• Ensure up-to-date and recurring professional development and continuing education for ES faculty and staff.

• Maintain and ensure ES accreditation and compliance with government regulations and standards.

External/Community Relations

• Act as a spokesperson and personify the religious and educational values of the school.

• Serve as a key YOF representative to the local community and to Jewish education communities across North America and in Israel

• Foster and maintain meaningful connections with all constituencies of the YOF community including teachers, students, staff, administrators, parents, board members and local community organizations as they relate to the ES’s operations and educational mission.

• Serve as a visible and involved presence during school hours and at school wide events, and maintain productive, constructive and affirmative relationships with all constituents.

• Represent the YOF ES and develop and maintain relationships in the Jewish day school community.

• Encourage transparency and communication between faculty, parents, students, and board members.

Finance and Operations

• Direct and collaborate with the Executive Director to ensure efficient fiscal management and stable financial operation of the school.

• Work with the Executive Director to prepare an annual budget and ensure the timely provision of accurate financial reports to the Board of Directors.

• Provide analysis and projections for any Board-level decisions and/or strategic planning that may have a financial impact on the school.


• Proven track record as an organizational leader and/or educational administrator.

• Demonstrated ability to manage a large and complex organization.

• Ability to effectively communicate a vision, mission and values in a charismatic, consensus-building, persuasive manner to all constituencies, especially faculty, staff, board members, parents and donors.

• Demonstrated ability to connect with, inspire and encourage students.

• Ability to promote and foster educational excellence.

• Ability to see the “big picture” and maintain a strategic overview in addressing problems and planning solutions in a results-oriented manner. Vision to develop and advocate for new, imaginative and unique solutions.

• Ability to set clear priorities from among a number of diverse tasks and needs, meeting predetermined schedules and laying out a timely course of action to address issues and problems.

• Ability to command respect and inspire confidence from staff, faculty and the student body.

• Open and collaborative management and leadership style. Comfortable with soliciting input from others while still being decisive and independent in the decision-making process. Ability to delegate and transfer authority and responsibility for work to others.

• Strong supervisory and evaluation skills to monitor staff objectively and hold them accountable for expected results.

• Excellent people skills. Warm, honest and fair approach in dealing with others. Ability to interact and engage comfortably with a wide variety of key constituents including students, parents, board members and community leaders.

• Ability to maintain composure and effectiveness under pressure. Ability to approach work with sense of creative energy, enthusiasm and humor.

• Knowledge of, and personal commitment to, Jewish ideals, values, history, ritual and practice.

• Advanced degree in Education, Educational Administration, Judaic Studies, or another related field.


Dara Z. Klarfeld, Managing Director
Tani Weissman, Junior Associate


Tel: (212) 983-1600
Fax: (212) 983-1687

This search began in May 2017 and is currently active. This position description is based upon material provided by Yeshivah of Flatbush, an equal opportunity employer.