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The Abraham Fund

Founded in 1989 by philanthropist Alan Silfka (1929-2011), The Abraham Fund Initiatives (TAFI) works to promote coexistence and equality among Israel’s Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens. Named after the common ancestor of both Jews and Arabs, The Abraham Fund Initiatives is a nonprofit organization, headquartered in Israel, which conducts large-scale initiatives including advocacy and public education to achieve a prosperous, secure, inclusive and just Israeli society. By providing egalitarian, culturally-sensitive and accessible services to the Arab citizens by governmental agencies, civil society organizations and the business sector, the organization also seeks to integrate Arab elected and professional leadership in the decision-making processes.

Now close to the end of its third decade, TAFI is focused on those public policy and institutional changes required in order to create an inclusive and just Israeli society. This going-forward strategy – described as "advocacy through action" – is based on an understanding that TAFI's program initiatives serve as working models rather than ends.
The board and leadership of TAFI reflect the mission of the organization in both makeup and operation. The board of directors includes Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs, UK, and American supporters. An Israeli Jew and an Israeli Arab serve as co-CEOs of the organization. An Israeli and American, both entrepreneurs, serve as co-chairs of the international board.


To achieve its objectives, the organization operates the following main initiatives:

Equality & Access to Services

Provides egalitarian, culturally sensitive and accessible services to the Arab citizens by governmental agencies, civil society organizations and the business sector. It seeks to integrate the Arab elected and professional leadership in decision-making processes, change the prevailing service perception of the police, emergency and rescue bodies, and develop a civil discourse among those bodies as service providers for the Arab community.

Education for a Shared Society

Promotes and institutionalizes the instruction of the Arabic language and culture in Hebrew speaking schools while enriching Hebrew language and culture instruction in Arab schools. With an emphasis on spoken language, this program seeks to deepen the social contact between students and teachers of Hebrew and Arab schools through face-to-face encounters and cultural activities.

Leadership, Activism & Opportunity

- Leadership Training

Encourages the political involvement of Arab citizens, especially women and young adults, and seeks to strengthen the status of Arab society in Israel. This program seeks to change the public’s attitudes towards the legitimacy of Arab citizens of Israel acting and influencing decision-making circles in Israel.

- Employment and Social Skills Program

This program promotes the full and egalitarian integration of young Arabs in the workforce. By developing employment and leadership skills among disengaged young adults in the Arab community this program also creates a youth culture that believes in the importance of integration and taking an active part in society, employment, education and social involvement.

- Community Volunteering

of the program advances community volunteering with the goal of reaching an agreed-upon outline to motivate young Arabs to take their place in the general society, as well as in employment and higher education.

Advocacy and Government Relations

Through advocacy, media, research, conferences and publications The Abraham Fund Initiatives promotes the subject of majority-minority relations as a central issue on the public agenda. By delegitimizing policies of discrimination of the Arab population; and legitimizing the integration of the Arab community in the public sphere and decision-making processes. It positions the organization as an issue leader for Jewish-Arab integration and equality.

For more information on all of the details of the above programs, please visit the website of the Abraham Fund Initiatives at



TAFI-US is currently raising approximately $1.4Million annually from around 700 individual and 22 foundation donors. The North American Director will be expected to steward current donors while increasing donations and building new relationships across North America. The organization also receives a number of grants from American institutions, which are handled by the head office in Israel.


The North American Director is to increase income for the Abraham Fund to sustain and expand its activities in Israel. To that end, the Director will engage in public education and outreach, raise awareness and make a case for the organization’s cause. The focus of this role will be to enlarge the organization’s constituencies in order to expand fundraising. This work will take place across the US with an emphasis on New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC areas. The Director will be expected to travel frequently. The fundraising will focus primarily, but not exclusively, on Jewish individual donors and Jewish family foundations. Other constituencies include key partners such as Jewish Federations and other institutional donors.

The Director will be an integral part of the global Resource Development team reporting to the co-CEO’s who are located in Israel and will work in close consultation with staff in Israel including TAFI’s International

Director of Development. As Director of the North American Office, he or she will manage a Development associate and an Administration and Finance manager.

TAFI is seeking a dynamic self-starter with at least 5 to 10 years of direct experience in fundraising. It is most important for the Director to understand and have a sincere and genuine interest in the importance of the organization’s mission of promoting coexistence and equality among Israel’s Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens. A sophisticated and diplomatic personality who can work comfortably with people of influence and affluence is desired.



• Lead, develop, implement, and manage short and long-term giving goals and strategies to support TAFI’s mission and fundraising goals. Manage the day-to-day operations of the office including the management of the professional and administrative staff.
• Manage the 501(c)3 status of the US non-profit.
• Work with lay and staff leadership to synergize strategy and implement North American fundraising to maximize the generation of outside funds to support the organization. This will be done in the global context of TAFI and accomplished through direct and regular communication and consultation with the Director of International Resource Development who is based in Israel.
• Manage the planning and implementation of special events for donor recognition and fundraising; design and implement stewardship activities.
• Extend, deepen and enhance the current Abraham Fund Initiatives brand to reach new, larger, and more diverse markets.
• Develop a plan utilizing all marketing mechanisms to brand The Abraham Fund Initiatives as a philanthropic option in the Jewish community and beyond, including identifying trends, opportunities and leverage existing connections.
• Enhance and nurture the North American membership on the organization’s international board of directors. Facilitate board member engagement with the mission and in assisting resource development strategies.
• Steward relationships with foundations, Jewish Federations and community partners.
• Communicate the mission of The Abraham Fund Initiatives in North America, including producing content for marketing materials; newsletters; press releases and other forms of messaging in close collaboration with senior leadership in Israel.


• At least 5 to 10 years of demonstrated success in philanthropic fundraising including securing individual major gifts; bachelor’s degree required; experience in Jewish philanthropy and particularly with organizations of similar missions to The Abraham Fund Initiatives is preferred.
• Strong fundraising skills; demonstrated experience in leading a development program in North America, preferably with a focus on raising funds for Israel-based objectives.
• Proven expertise in developing networks among major individual philanthropic donors and family foundations.
• Knowledge of institutional funders including USAID, US Department of State and other quasi-governmental donors is preferred but not required.
• A sincere and genuine interest in the mission of The Abraham Fund Initiatives.
• Strong communication skills both verbal and written.
• Leadership skills, including the ability to implement and articulate organizational goals and targets. A decisive and inclusive decision maker with the ability to manage small details while focusing on the big picture.
• A driven, goal-oriented person with a business-like approach to setting and monitoring progress toward goals.
• An organized manager, comfortable recommending strategic direction and implementing that direction on his/her own.
• Excellent interpersonal, political, and diplomatic skills, along with the ability to lead and partner with integrity and inspiration. Flexibility and openness to working with professional and volunteer community leaders nationwide and in Israel. Flexibility to work in an inter-cultural organization, and be a real player of a team that is geographically spread across many time zones.
• Significant experience with Israel and working with Israelis. Knowledge of Hebrew preferred.
• Skill in presenting oneself and communicating in a manner that is clear, effective and inspiring.
• Superior computer literacy; experience using donor management database systems to maximize fundraising results. Experience with on-line fundraising and social media strategy is a plus.
• Possess high levels of enthusiasm and energy; be self-motivated and able to work well under pressure and handle several projects at one time.
• Be available for frequent travel throughout North America and for occasional travel to Israel.


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This search is currently active. This position description is based upon materials presented by The Abraham Fund, an equal opportunity employer.