DRG Executive Search Consultants

We are in the business of recruiting leadership for nonprofit organizations. We strive to be leaders in that field, and knowledgeable about nonprofit leadership. We guide our clients through informative successful recruitment efforts, and are creative in developing new ways of thinking about each challenge.

We recruit talented professionals who have the experience to help our clients achieve their goals. In this effort, we blend our years of experience as nonprofit professionals, as well as our years of experience in executive search, to create a unique mix of recruiting strategies and resources. Since we are intimately familiar with the challenges that each client faces, we understand the specifics and we know how to discuss the work with experienced professionals in a variety of fields whose backgrounds match the needed requirements.

We live in times of unprecedented change. Organizations must be dynamic to adapt to new environments, economies, and leaders. Professional transitions mean change. We are committed to help our clients navigate through the variables and maximize the opportunity that professional transitions provide to advance their mission.

Making a difference
We selected our niche in the nonprofit sector because we believe that without excellence in professional leadership, nonprofit organizations could not succeed in delivering their important services. We want to make a difference in this area and in so doing, help those dedicated to making the world a better place.