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Visitors can search GuideStar's database of information on more than 640,000 nonprofit organizations. The GuideStar web site is produced by Philanthropic Research, Inc., a 501(c)(3) public charity founded in 1994. GuideStar's mission is to promote philanthropy by helping donors, institutional funders, and charities become more informed, effective, and efficient.

The NonProfit Times


This semi-monthly publication features articles covering current events and trends of interest to nonprofit executive managers. Produces annual ranking studies of organizations in the independent sector.

NPEdge, Inc.

NPEdge is the first company dedicated to creating assessment and testing materials specifically for the nonprofit sector. If your goal is to hire the best fundraisers for your organization, our online tools make that process easier and more efficient, and reduce the guesswork. And if you're looking for a fundraising job, we can help you assess how well your talents, experience and style will fit the position. www.NPEdge.com.

Performance Programs, Inc.

Surveys, tests and assessments for Human Resources management at www.performanceprograms.com.