DRG Executive Search Consultants

When you choose DRG, you gain a focused, creative, and resourceful team composed of seasoned professionals who have been active in the nonprofit community for most of their careers. Further, you benefit from our five-step search methodology that ensures assignments are handled expeditiously and produces outstanding candidates who have the required skills and "the right fit."

The DRG team is focused. Every consultant at DRG brings nonprofit career experience to the executive search landscape. A team of consultants works on each search assignment. We work as a tightly woven and highly experienced group, meeting regularly to share experiences, resources, and insights. We talk confidently with clients as knowledgeable consultants and to candidates as experienced colleagues. This level of professionalism and experience is invaluable–it makes the difference between a standard search that fills a slot and one that moves your organization closer toward fulfilling its goals.

Our approach is creative. No two organizations we work with have the same needs. So before a search journey begins, we talk with you about the big picture, mapping out where your organization is and where it is going. Then we design a recruitment strategy that is unique to each assignment, thinking creatively about where we will find professionals with the skills and experience that will help you reach your goals. Each purposeful step we take with you shapes the path toward a successful outcome.

Our resources provide efficient and creative options. Everyone on the DRG team contributes to the firm´s high-tech proprietary database, networks, systems, services, and research efforts. Our nonprofit experience and ongoing involvement with nonprofit organizations, Boards, and professional associations provide us with insight and a sophisticated network of professionals throughout the nonprofit and public sector. In addition, we are a respected and trusted resource for those in the private sector who are interested in pursuing nonprofit careers. Our extensive resources, blended with our diligent team and creative approach, drive the search and enable us to deliver candidates who can favorably impact your organization´s future.

At DRG, we . . . maintain highly ethical standards and practices; promise only what we can deliver; earn trust and respect; treat clients, candidates, and our colleagues with courtesy and compassion; and stay on the "cutting edge" of new methods to improve our services.