DRG Executive Search Consultants

When filling leadership positions, DRG´s approach is to encourage active involvement from a committee of search leaders and stakeholders. With our help, your organization and search committee understand the process and remain focused on core issues and needs.

A search committee is usually made up of volunteers and maybe one or two staff members. The volunteers on this committee play an active role in defining your organization´s present and future core issues. As the process moves along, they assist in developing the position description, reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and checking references. We encourage committee members to spend the appropriate time with candidates and to communicate their feedback with us.

When working with an organization to recruit a senior staff member, we involve the chief executive officer, department directors and perhaps one or two Board members in a similar process with the same support described above.

We do expect our clients to be thorough and candid with us and to respect the confidentiality of candidates. If, along the way, you propose any changes in your organization´s plans, we ask you to keep your DRG team apprised. Everyone is in the search together, and therefore, everyone involved should be pooling candidates and information about candidates through the same process.